Streamline your

screening process

Welcome to Intelliform, your portal to connecting with patients and screening them before making an appointment.

With the forms digitally filled out and saved in one place, you’ll be able to recall responses from clients and patients from anywhere, anytime.

Enhance Your Process

Screening your clients and patients is essential for keeping your work place safe. Why not take it a step further by going paperless to make the process quick and easy, and eliminate high touch surfaces?

Screening Management

Save forms are stored in one place, making them easily accessible anywhere, anytime, for effective contact tracing

Pre-Set Forms

Standardize your screening process and ensure that each customer is asked the same questions with our pre-set forms

Enhanced Safety

Eliminating the need for paper forms eliminates a high-touch surface, and in turn makes the office a safer space

What is Intelliform?

Intelliform is a convenient, web-based paperless solution for businesses to pre-screen customers for COVID-19 before they make an appointment. It provides a seamless experience between the office and the customer/patient as it eliminates the need to print, sign, scan and sort physical forms. 

Intelliform is also accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. This allows your business to keep a history and a log of those who have already been screened to meet any mandated industry standards and enable effective contact tracing.

Why was Intelliform created?

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted dental offices to rethink their procedures and many of our clients started looking for solutions to go paperless. Not only does this help them reduce the clutter at the office, but it also lowers the risk of contamination and transmission by eliminating a high-touch surface. 

While we first created Intelliform with dentists in mind, we realised its versatility for the healthcare industry and beyond. As a result, we decided to offer the Intelliform platform to all those who need a simple and convenient way to screen customers and patients, allowing them to do so safely and reliably.  

Intelliform isn’t just limited to the healthcare industry and will be suitable for any businesses that need to screen their customers before meeting them. 

About Us

Logic Tech Corp is a Canadian software company that has been proudly servicing the dental industry for over 30 years. 

As the speed of technology continues to change the landscape of our society, we pride ourselves in staying abreast of the new development of these technologies. Our objective is to utilize cutting-edge technology in providing dentists with the tools to both manage and market their business efficiently and successfully. 

Currently, we are aiming to help all industries streamline their paperless COVID-19 screening process to ensure a quick and efficient procedure that will keep their team and patients/customers safe. 

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Our Service Is Coming To An End...

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